EPIC is committed to responsible operations that protect the environment, the communities in which we operate, and the health and safety of our employees and contractors. Compliance with all applicable environmental, health, and safety rules, laws, and regulations is a minimal requirement in our operation. We believe in going above minimums by continually seeking to improve our risk management capabilities through proactive monitoring of our assets and continual feedback loops from our employees.
“The success of our Company depends on a focus by leadership on the safety of each employee and contractor. Therefore, we will continue to dedicate considerable resources in training and education in this area because at EPIC, every person is critical.” 
-Brian Freed, CEO

Call Before You Dig

Excavation is the single largest cause of damage to the nation’s pipeline system. It accounts for nearly 40% of all accidental spills. You can help maintain the integrity of the pipeline system and prevent accidents by using the nationwide Call-Before-You-Dig service, available by calling 811. Anyone who will be digging or excavating using mechanized equipment can make one telephone call to give notice of their plans to dig in a specific area. The 811 center then acts as a clearinghouse to inform owners and operators of underground facilities so that they can go out and mark their facilities, usually within 48 or 72 hours.