Sustainability Report

Continuing to Build a Sustainable Future

CEO Perspective

A Vision for Future Success

To Our Employees, Communities, and Investors:

EPIC relies on the performance of our team. Each day requires us to be better than the day before. To do this, EPIC prioritizes the safety, health, and development of all our employees. EPIC provides employees an equal opportunity environment to succeed and expects genuine and honest interaction with co-workers, customers, and communities.

There is an obligation to our stakeholders while conducting business. EPIC aligns its business strategy closely with the ideas of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) as benchmarks for success. Our future depends on our attention to the environment, the safety of our employees, meaningful participation in the community, and high business standards.

A good example of EPIC’s focus on long-term sustainability is the amendment of our EPIC Propane Pipeline, LP Term Loan in October of 2022 with Riverstone Credit Partners.The Term Loan was converted to a sustainability-linked loan, which highlights EPIC’s continued commitment to a sustainable future.

EPIC operates its assets with a focus on protecting the environment while providing a safe and reliable transport service to ensure access to energy for the entire world. We believe by focusing on all of our core stakeholders each and every day, we will continue to build upon the great foundation of EPIC.

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