Sustainability Report

Continuing to Build a Sustainable Future


Our Approach

"EPIC is committed to protecting the environment and actively participating in the communities where we operate."

Industry Leading Pipeline Integrity and Monitoring

EPIC has built a pipeline system using next-generation monitoring and control equipment. The equipment deployed helps ensure that our pipeline systems are operated safely and efficiently. Our industry-leading fiber optic technology exceeds the industry standard in the areas of damage prevention, environmental impact mitigation, and line strike monitoring.
EPIC’s investment in fiber optic-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and communications combined with Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), and Intrusion and Leak Detection Technology bolster our first-class pipeline safety, environmental protection, and operational efficiency throughout the life of EPIC’s pipeline systems.

Processing and Algorithms
The use of advanced processing reduces background noise and converts it into a high-resolution visual. Advanced algorithms convert sounds and vibrations that create alarms for specific events allowing us to monitor immediate or potential threats.
Reliable Alarms
Background noise can trigger false alarms, which make it harder to detect pipeline abnormalities. To prevent false alarms, our pipeline monitoring
system observes activities over short periods of time, which helps separate normal from abnormal activity.

Smart Zones
EPIC uses customized alert settings for specific terrain or roadway activity. This helps reduce the posibilty of false alarms. 

We have a three pillar approach to mitigating risks to the environment and our stakeholders.

Pipeline Integrity Management
24/7 Leak Detection and Damage Prevention Monitoring
Robust Incident Response and Management

Control Center Operations and Leak Detection

EPIC monitors and controls the EPIC Pipeline System through our fiber optics network. EPIC’s state-of-the-art Control Center located in San Antonio, Texas is managed by a team of experienced controllers who are qualified per Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) guidelines. The Center meets all PHMSA regulatory requirements and uses advanced SCADA software to collect and process incoming data, allowing for real time reactions to threats or dangers to the pipelines.

EPIC also employs a team of measurement analysts who use gas and liquids measurement systems to filter the raw data and convert it into usable “chain-of-custody level” accounting documentation, as well as creating an archive of historical data to track all the product moving to, through, and from the EPIC Pipeline System.
To collect data from the field in real-time, EPIC uses fiber optic technology to power its communications network. EPIC has buried over 1,695 miles of fiber optic cable which runs directly alongside our pipeline system.

Fiber optics are the gold standard for pipeline SCADA and communications. High bandwidth, high reliability, and low latency are all requirements for operating pipeline systems with similar size and scale to the EPIC system. Operations and pipeline safety are significantly improved by having a universal network in both remote locations and major facilities.

The same fiber optics infrastructure used for SCADA and communications is also used for our state-of-the-art leak detection and intrusion system. DAS utilizes the fiber as a massive sensor tool.

EPIC Uses Three Types of
Monitoring Technology: 

Acoustic Monitoring
Able to detect sounds, such as digging and heavy machinery up to 500 yards away from fiber. The location of each acoustic event can be pinpointed within 10 yards anywhere along the pipeline.
Thermal Monitoring
Able to detect changes in temperature associated with small leaks. A minuscule leak can be detected within five minutes and within 10 yards of location.
Strain Monitoring
Detects strain on the pipeline caused by ground swell, temperature swings, leaks, seismic, and human activity. This level of monitoring allows for proactive maintenance.

Robust Incident Response and Management

EPIC is focused on making our pipeline system safer and more efficient by monitoring and controlling all facets of operation in real-time. The purpose is to identify issues and take corrective action quickly to prevent and/or reduce the impact to life, property, and the environment. Since the system was first installed, the DAS Leak Detection and Intrusion System

has detected numerous threats that led to preventative actions taken by EPIC and our Control Center. These threats included: unauthorized digs without one-calls, unauthorized traffic such as trucks or digging equipment, and a third-party adjacent waterline rupture which was detected and investigated by EPIC Operations within the same hour after the leak began.

Emergency Response Plan
EPIC’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) provides EPIC employees with emergency action guidance and specific emergency action procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency. The ERP establishes specific emergency actions to minimize an emergency event that may endanger life and/or property.

EPIC partners with Flatrock Engineering and Environmental to implement its Emergency Response Plan.

2022 Highlight

Incidents in 2022 impacting people
or the environment as defined by PHMSA.


Environmental Stewardship

EPIC’s Vision for Sustainable Environmental Success

EPIC’s team is focused on protecting the environment while providing safe and reliable transportation services to ensure access to energy for the world. EPIC operates with the intent to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. This is a central focus for the employees of EPIC. EPIC is also committed to continuously improving its environmental performance through its dedicated workforce. Overall, we are focused on protecting and preserving the environment in all of the communities we touch.  

Emissions Control

EPIC is committed to limiting GHG emissions from its operations. All of EPIC’s electrical pipeline pumps are equipped with variable speed motors and operate on Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs.) VFDs reduce motor rotations per minute (RPMs) which leads to minimum power consumption based on demand levels. Motor efficiency is directly related to the amount of electrical power pulled from the grid to operate the motor.

Other highlights include:
• Generator power is not a primary source of power. All sites are designed to utilize grid power.
•The fleet consists of trucks equipped with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) required emission equipment.
•Drag reducing agents are used to significantly reduce the power needed to operate our pipelines.
•Frequent analysis of hydraulic models to further drive efficiency in our operations.
•DAS technology is used on the crude pipeline system. This has reduced power consumption for leak detection on the crude system by 66%.

Environmental Stewardship

Restoring Right-of-Way and Land Improvement
EPIC strives to work with landowners and communities to restore affected areas before, during, and after the construction of a new project, or maintenance of an existing asset.
Wetland Offset Credits
EPIC purchased wetlands offset credits prior to constructing our long haul purity pipelines.
Noxious Weeds/Endangered Species
EPIC constructed “weed wash” stations designed to spray and remove noxious weeds and invasive species from equipment and vehicles entering and leaving an EPIC right-of-way. This investment was made to protect native plant species, rangeland, and livestock. EPIC also worked in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers and several ecological firms to make sure our pipeline route was not disturbing endangered species habitat.
Erosion Control
EPIC works directly with landowners to address erosion issues along our pipelines. The Company also closely monitors soil conditions around wetlands and water crossings to reinforce the ground and mitigate erosion. An example includes working with landowners and professional arborists to route our pipelines away from mature stands of trees and working to preserve the integrity of stream beds along our lines to counter erosion.  
2022 Highlight
In 2022, EPIC joined Green Marine. This is an environmental certification program for the maritime industry in North America and is completely voluntary. EPIC’s participation in this program further demonstrates the company’s efforts to improve its environmental performance beyond what is expected.

Regulatory Permits and Guidelines

EPIC works with various state and federal government entities to ensure our operations and assets comply with relevant laws and regulations. The Company adheres to the guidelines and parameters set forth by the following organizations to help us maintain our environmental commitment.
San Antonio
18615 Tuscany Stone, Suite 300,
San Antonio, TX 78258
1000 Louisiana, Suite 6500
Houston, TX 77002
Corpus Christi
500 N. Shoreline Blvd., Suite 811
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
500 West Texas Avenue, Suite 1110
Midland, TX 79701