Sustainability Report

Continuing to Build a Sustainable Future


EPIC is committed to honest and ethical business practices. There are no exceptions to this. Doing the right thing is a part of our culture and is vital to the success of our employees and our Company.

The Company incorporates accountability and oversight to enhance the quality of our services and operations and will maintain a reputation for honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust, and sound business judgment.

Managing risk is the responsibility of the Company and its employees. It is essential to preserving the integrity of our assets, adhering to top level safety standards, minimizing our environmental footprint, and interacting within a community.

EPIC’s ESG Governance Structure

Board of Directors

EPIC’s Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of the Company’s performance, including assessment of potential business risks, attention to ethical business practices, and review of ESG initiatives. Along with executive leadership, the Board ensures appropriate policies and systems are in place to achieve desired results in these key areas.
EPIC’s Board of Directors oversees the management of our Company and is comprised of eight voting members. Two directors are officers of EPIC, two are representatives of Ares Management Corporation, and four are outside, independent directors who are not affiliated with EPIC or Ares. Our independent directors have decades of experience in the oil and gas industry and bring fresh perspectives and diverse skills to our Board.

At EPIC, we recognize that strong corporate governance is necessary to maintain our social license to operate. Our Board provides valuable guidance on the Company’s commitment to governance and business ethics. Board members work with EPIC’s executive team towards achieving industry leading sustainable value by emphasizing the Company values of integrity, accountability, dedication, flexibility and teamwork in everything we do.

In April of 2022, EPIC announced the appointment of Marcia E. Backus to its Board of Directors as an additional independent director. Ms. Backus is Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Occidental Petroleum.
Nate Walton
Todd Stevens
Karl Kurz
Thomas Mitchell
Brian Freed
Harry Beaudry
Marcia Backus
Robert Kimmel

EPIC’s ESG Governance Structure

Managing Risk

The future success of EPIC relies on its ability to react to adverse situations during day-to-day operations. The ESG Executive Board is tasked with monitoring risk mitigation measures for the Company in the areas of financial integrity, cybersecurity, infrastructure technology, legislative issues, financial regulation, environmental regulations, and legal challenges. The EPIC Board of Directors has assigned management in each of these areas to create risk mitigation and implementation plans to respond to any situation that may harm the Company or its employees. Further, all levels of EPIC personnel are expected to assess and identify and prioritize mitigation of potential risks as they perform their daily activities.

Financial Integrity

Our senior management designs and implements internal controls to mitigate operational, regulatory, and financial risks. The control environment is tailored to the Company’s strategic goals, objectives, and direction. The effectiveness of many of these controls are subject to annual testing by our independent auditor in conjunction with our annual financial statement audit. Beginning with the 2021 fiscal year, our annual financial statement audit has been conducted under Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (United States) (“PCAOB”) standards. Prior to fiscal year 2021, our annual financial statement audit was conducted under the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (United States) (“AICPA”) standards.


Cybersecurity has been and continues to be a top priority to protect EPIC and its assets from unwanted cyber-attacks. As part of its security initiatives, the Company implemented the following security measures:
Endpoint protection for all PC’s
Identity management and multi-factor authentication
Dual factor authentication (2FA)
Laptop hard drive encryption
Email filtering
Palo Alto Firewalls – URL filtering, real-time threat intelligence, DNS filtering, DLP implemented
As part of an annual exercise, EPIC will have an outside party assess its cybersecurity policies and standards. The Company has also implemented simulated phishing attacks and instituted security awareness training.

Ethical Business Practices

EPIC will conduct business honestly and ethically. EPIC strives to improve the quality of its services and operations and will maintain a reputation for honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust, and sound business judgment. Managers and employees are expected to adhere to high standards of business and personal integrity consistent with our business practices at all times as part of their duty of loyalty to the Company. Employees must deal fairly with customers, suppliers, and competitors. EPIC prohibits activities involving unfair competition or the use of confidential information of third parties. EPIC employees are also expected to comply with policies that are set forth in our Employee Handbook and provide guidance on specific business practices. These include our Code of Ethics, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, Whistleblower Policy, Conflicts of Interest Policy, No-Harassment Policy and other policies and practices that help our employees understand and adhere to ethical standards, legal obligations and regulatory compliance requirements.

Political Contributions

EPIC does not have a Political Action Committee (PAC) nor does it use Company funds to make direct political contributions to political parties or political candidates.

Trade Group Involvement

EPIC does communicate and work with industry trade associations to allow the Company an opportunity to provide insight and expertise on legislative issues that may affect our business. EPIC is currently a member of the Texas Pipeline Association, GPA Midstream Association, and the Liquid Energy Pipeline Association. EPIC has been a member of the Texas Oil and Gas Association as well as the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association.
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